Brand story

The story behind Amazing Song

Amazing Song was born in December 2013. The establishment of the brand stemmed from Nina's original intention of "love and sharing". In 2012, a special trip that lasted 18 days, an old friend who devoted himself to public welfare, a journey to cleanse the soul. Let Nina have a new plan for her future life.



"If you want to share love with the souls and soil on the poverty line, you first need to make yourself stronger. The whole trip was urged by responsibility. After returning to Beijing, I resigned immediately, and then embarked on the road of entrepreneurship."
"Only a strong brand and more competitive products can support the original intention of creating a brand. AMAZING SONG has been a channel for circulation and blessing others from the very beginning. I believe that we will become a positive force in the society in the future. "
Looking back at the road AMAZING SONG has taken, today, not forgetting the original intention, AMAZING SONG, just like its name, has begun to shine in the industry.

Founding team



The founding team of AMAZING SONG is composed of three biological sisters. NINA is a luggage designer, CHARLOTTE is a visual designer, and ABIGAIL is an architectural decoration designer. Although they all come from different majors, they all share the same music dream. Therefore, at the beginning of the establishment of the brand, the brand name positioning and music related. 


AMAZING SONG meaning: sisterly love, live an extraordinary life.



NINA has outstanding talent in product design, insists on and advocates people-oriented design, is sensitive to and accurate in color control, and mainly focuses on product design and visual direction.



CHARLOTTE applied her expertise to brand packaging and marketing.



 ABIGAIL infused the rational attitude and spirit of excellence of the construction industry into every bag, focusing on details such as craftsmanship and structure.



AMAZING SONG values sisterhood. The product style is fashionable and young, and the color is rich and bold. We also treat every customer who has intersection and resonance with brand products as sisters.





Amazing Song